Greg Jackson Speaks Out About The Jon Jones DQ


As reported yesterday, the management team for Jon “Bones” Jones will be issuing a formal complaint over the disqualification loss against Matt hamill.  Now, his trainer, the famed Greg Jackson, is speaking out about the fight.  Certainly, Jackson is more than disappointed with the outcome, but he still praises his fighter for following the gameplan.

“I was really excited to see him follow every part of the gameplan just exactly the way we mapped it out. In the end I think he got frustrated because he just kept hitting the guy and hitting the guy and Steve Mazzagatti, who is a friend of mine, didn’t stop the fight and [Jon] got a little frustrated and threw some downward elbows without thinking about it, it was obvious because he was like ‘Wait, what?’”

Surely, he understands that his fighter was only looking to finish the fight as he could sense a stoppage was near.  Jones clearly was caught in the moment and had no intention of using an illegal technique.  Jackson realizes this but also doesn’t understand the big firestorm over the “danger” of a downward elbow as a strike.

“Its an illegal move, but its not a move that’s like super… ‘oh my god, the downward elbow will destroy you!’ Its nothing like that,” is Jackson’s opinion of the technique. “But its an illegal move and so we shouldn’t do that, but its not a move that suddenly crushes you – like, the other elbows feel fine, but the downward elbow is somehow like the death touch or something?”

“I think it definitely wasn’t intentional as in Jon sitting there going ‘I’m gonna hit a downward elbow!’ He was just frustrated trying to get in and finish the fight – I forget how many seconds of unanswered punches sitting in mount – so yeah, it’s a mistake he made and he will learn from.

Just as Jon Jones stated after the fight, everything happens for a reason. The 22-year-old fighter and his Yoda-like trainer are both fairly calm and laid back about the decision.  Yes, the complaint is being filed to remove the loss from his record and change to a No Contest, but it won’t be a crusade for justice either.

“It was a decision I didn’t quite agree with, after he took the point away he reviewed the tape and disqualified him. I would have liked to have seen a no contest, but I am sure he learned that you cant do that kind of stuff and we’ll move on from that,”

Jones also spoke about the loss and lack of stoppage by Mazzagatti.  He felt it warranted a stoppage win well before the point of the unintentional illegal elbows.  While his record now stands at 9-1, Jones isn’t overly concerned with no longer being undefeated, but he still is going to try and get it changed.

I think at 14, 15 unanswered punches, it should be stopped,” Jones said of the barrage. “I said it so many interviews that I respect Hamill a lot for the inspiration that he is, and it was awkward to just keep hitting him like that. I was like let’s stop this, but what are you going to do?

“I hit him so many times, and I just wasn’t understanding why it wasn’t getting stopped. Is he waiting for me to gas or something? I was like what is this? I looked at him twice, I was like ‘why am I still hitting this guy?’”

“…Definitely took a lot of pride in being undefeated, and so proud of being a martial artist, strive so hard to be the best that I can be. Everything happens for a reason.”

“I feel great. I’m healthy. I have no injuries,” Jones said. “I get to go home and see my daughter and my girlfriend. I haven’t seen them in so long. I don’t really care about the loss. I’m at peace.”

Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission tried to explain the ruling, which was reviewed by instant replay, a first for an MMA event.  The reason for the DQ loss rather than a No Contest had to do with the elbows being deemed “intentional” rather than accidental.

“This was actually the first time instant replay was used in Nevada, looked at it, obviously a lot of damage was done by legal blows, but there was also damage done by the illegal elbows, and obviously as you know if there’s any contributory effect of the illegal blows, disqualification’s the call,”

(Source: Fighters Only and Fight Line)

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